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Passion – have you found yours?

Searching for definitions of passion, I came across two that really caught my eye:

  1. Something that you are strongly interested in and enjoy
  2. Strong and barely controllable emotion

Passion can come in many shapes and forms. Who’s never heard an artist say “it’s not about the money. I paint/sculpt/create because I need to! I live for it!”

Though it'd be really cool if it brought in some money, huh?

But it’d be cool if it brought in some money, huh?

It is something without which one’s life seems to have no meaning, no purpose. It’s not uncommon to hear of someone who’s spent their life chasing their passion, whether they were successful in getting there or not.

Some people have a passion for freedom, adventure: to travel around the world, visit every possible country, learn a bit of every culture. They want to go wherever they want and damn well they’ll find a way to do it.

"Someday I'll fly away..."

“Someday I’ll fly away…”

Others are passionate about their jobs. I’ve seen a few people in my life who’ve absolutely loved what they did for a living (some still do) and would happily talk about their work for hours. The best thing about it, was that they loved it so much that it was never boring! Their jobs are their hobbies, and they have such passion for it that it made you wish you had thought about doing that too.

Passion can be something as complicated as getting to visit every single country in the world, making a living out of the thing you like the most (video-games, films, painting, dancing) or it can be as simple as reserving a little space in your life to do something you love. You may find your passion early in life and make a career out of it.  Maybe you’ll find a way to enjoy it later in life: going on adventures or starting your own flower production business after you retire.

And be really good at it too!

And be really good at it too!

For some people, though, there seems to just be a hole there. They may have jobs, partners, friends, hobbies, family… and still there’s something missing: their passion.  Any passion. Something without which their lives have no meaning. Until they can find that, whatever it is that they are irreparably passionate about, they will be only ghosts; wandering… existing, but not living.

Just a shadow of what they could be...

Just a shadow of what they could be…

Find your passion. And when you do, chase it; fight for it! Because merely existing – being an empty shell – is not good enough.

Life was made for living.


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