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As I have mentioned in my About page, I’m not a big fan of staging photos and getting models to pose as I direct them. Instead, I prefer to capture moments as they happen, to wait for someone to laugh or for a conversation to take an unexpected direction, and then start shooting – hence the Turret nickname.

One of my favourite examples is a photo I took for my MA’s exhibition. I was photographing two friends and asked them to go for a walk in the park and just relax, talk and pretend I wasn’t there. Though they obviously knew I was there, I kept my distance and soon enough my presence slipped their minds and they began to tease each other and laugh, which gave me the shot that would become my chosen image for the Graduation Catalogue.

Bec and Lorna 03

Now it’s on my Mum’s wall.

Another incredibly enjoyable experience was photographing a brazilian play for my Degree Project, on and backstage. I loved registering the moments during light check and make up, while the actors chatted away and laughed. What also made my work so much easier is how welcoming and relaxed they were; by the end of the weekend I was pretty much part of the furniture.

11 - Leticia Melo

13 - Leticia Melo

This preference for the more natural pictures has led me to one of my favourite kinds of photography: events.

As a beginner, I haven’t taken on the massive responsibility of doing a wedding by myself yet, though I did assist in one, but I have thoroughly enjoyed myself as I photographed birthdays and corporate events. The snaps you can get when people are relaxed and not worried about posing, looking the right way or making sure the camera captures their “good side” are unbelievable!

Aniversário de Cezzinha 03

Santana had just told a joke when this was taken.

To me, in a good photo album it is not the posed, “smile, arm on hip, face slightly to the side” photos that will catch someone’s attention or bring memories of a great night. It’s the photos of friends laughing over a joke, food being shared or thrown at each other, toasts being made, stories being told. Those are the ones that will say “remember when auntie J fell over the cake?” and “I still can’t believe R said that in front of grampa!” and immortalize those moments.

I have a soft spot for laughter snaps.

Also, I have a real soft spot for laughter snaps.

I hope to continue having the amazing opportunity to capture these moments, and to always be able to provide my clients with the lovely memories they expect and deserve.

If you are about to throw a party or need someone to register a corporate function and would like a quote, please get in touch via


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